Long Range Planning

The Friends School of Atlanta's Long Range Planning Committee produces multi-year plans for growth and development of our school. This important work in school governance will help guide the future growth of our school and aid in prioritizing areas for resource allocation, academic programming, school structure and much more. The Friends School of Atlanta undertook a long range planning process to produce the Strategic Goals, 2011–15, for growth and development for our school. The long range planning process has resulted in a clearly articulated vision for growth and development of our school over the next four years. During the 2010–11 school year, representatives of the Board of Trustees, administration, faculty, staff and parents were recruited to review the existing plan and other relevant documents, including the school's vision statement and several targeted surveys of the FSA community. These materials provided committee members with basic information about FSA in critical areas to our school. The committee also set a meeting schedule beginning with a kick-off meeting in March, followed by three more meetings to complete the work.

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Strategic Planning

Accreditation Report 2015