No one tells the story of The Friends School of Atlanta as well as our alums, who have gone on to distinguish themselves as highly motivated and capable students in high school and college and as thoughtful citizens who indeed exhibit conscience, conviction and compassion in their life choices.

Teachers and administrators at public and private high schools alike report to us that they are delighted to receive FSA alums because of the way they embrace learning, their exceptional ability to express themselves through writing and other creative activities and, most of all, for their conflict resolution and leadership skills. FSA alums have also distinguished themselves at colleges and universities ranging from small liberal arts colleges such as Vassar, Guilford, Morehouse and Swarthmore to universities such as Georgia, Michigan, Harvard, Princeton and Yale. Our oldest alums are now pursuing graduate studies in such areas as education, the arts, journalism and public health. Some of our college grad alums are working in such diverse areas as youth-serving programs, law, social justice, publishing and education, among many others.

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Please Stay in Touch!

"Alum" is defined as any person who has ever attended FSA, regardless of whether or not the person graduated from FSA. We want to hear from all of our alums. Please send us news of your achievements, studies, interesting activities and life events. If you are not already on our mailing list, please contact The Friends School and let us know your email address as well as your mailing address and phone number.