Celest Samas

Contact Information: 404-373-8746 x8113; csamas@friendsschoolatlanta.org

Education: B.A. in Special Education and Learning Disabilities, Georgia Southwestern University

Interests/Hobbies: I enjoy reading, traveling and quiet time.

Job responsibilities: I teach all subject areas to kindergarten and first grade children. I also work with children one on one tutoring in reading, math and handwriting. I will tutor children in grades preK. to first grade.

Strengths: My strengths are listening to others and empathizing with others, I have good organization skills and a team player.

Skills/talents of other faculty/staff you appreciate and recognize as resources: We have many singers and artists among the FSA faculty and staff. I am always amazed by the many creative approaches and strategies used by the teachers to meet the needs of each child.

At FSA since 1994–95

Biographical Information

August, 2006
As a child, I knew I wanted to be a teacher. My goal was to go to college and become an English teacher. When my nephew was diagnosed with a learning disability, my interest in Special Education developed. I wanted to be able to guide, counsel and help children to understand their surroundings. When I am teaching, I am learning with my students. I have learned to observe, listen and empathize when interacting with the children. I love to see children playing, smiling and laughing. My wish would be for every child in the world to be happy.

I am proud and honored to be a part of The Friends School of Atlanta family. When I walk through the doors, I feel positive, safe and content. The individuals I work with are not "co-workers," they are partners and friends. Diversity, equality and peaceful interactions are the three words I use when I share with others about FSA.

When I am away from my FSA family, I enjoy reading, shopping, dining out and completing Sudoku puzzles. It is relaxing for me to spend time with my family and to have some personal quiet time. My favorites are bears, lions, the colors green and brown, Danielle Steel books, chocolate cake, broccoli casserole, the television show "Law and Order,'" fried chicken and my son Wesley.

In peace,

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