Parent Handbook

Things You Must Know

The School Day

School Day Schedules

Early Morning Care, Drop-Off, Pick-Up and Aftercare

Attendance Guidelines

What to Bring, Dress, Lunch and Snack Guidelines

Field Trips, Outside Play and Special Events

Technology Use and Abuse Guidelines

Student Technology Use Policy

The Friends School of Atlanta Book Selection and Maintenance Policy

Afterschool Programs

School Safety

Holidays and Celebrations

Silent Meeting

Supporting Education at Home


Expectations of Families

The Friends School of Atlanta Parent and Teacher Association (FSPATA)

Parent Service to the School

Annual Appeal


Late Quaking News

Community Service

Health-Related Information

Policy on Health, Absence, Illness and Communicable Diseases

Special Health Needs

Emergency Treatment

Head Lice

Child Abuse and Neglect

Medication Procedures

Inclement Weather and Other Emergencies

Inclement Weather and Other Emergencies

Crisis Management Plan Parent Summary

Health and Sexuality Policies

Goals for Students Learning about Health and Sexuality

Sexuality Procedures

Student Behavior Policies

Community Behavior Guidelines

Behavior Philosophy and Practices

Teaching Practices That Support and Guide Students' Behavioral Development

Addressing Behavior as it Happens

Problem-Solving with Students about their Behavior

Plans for Behavioral Change

Addressing Serious Breaches of Community Trust

Harassment Policies

Defining Harassment

Harassment in Lower Grades

Harassment in Middle School


Further Procedural Principles

Process for Elementary School

Process for Middle School

Home and School Communications


Communication Channels


Mission Statement: Our mission is to provide challenging academics in a diverse environment, drawing on the Quaker testimonies, or values, of simplicity, peace, integrity, community, equality and stewardship to empower our students to go out into the world with conscience, conviction and compassion.

Vision Statement

About Quakers and Quaker Education

Quakers in Atlanta: The Origins of The Friends School

A Commitment to Community and Diversity

Accreditation: FSA has a dual accreditation through the Southern Association of Independent Schools (SAIS) and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS).

Board of Trustees

Faculty and Staff

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