As we believe that all people have "that of God or goodness" within themselves, so we believe that all students have unique capacities for learning and achievement.

The learning program provides opportunities for students to achieve the highest academic levels. In a supportive learning environment, students develop their capacities through independent thought, service and responsible action. This fosters life-long learning, self-confidence and respect for others. We provide a caring, cooperative atmosphere and we discourage that which would set one student above or against another.

FSA students have been welcomed by many other schools in many places. You can see for yourself, in the document below:

FSA Parent and Teacher Association (FSPATA)

The Friends School of Atlanta benefits immeasurably from the dynamic FSA Parent and Teacher Association known as FSPATA. In fact, parents are absolutely essential to the school's success.

We welcome and encourage parent participation in many aspects of the school's life. Parents serve on the Board of Trustees and its committees: finance; development; diversity, equity, justice; buildings and grounds; and others. FSPATA, relies on all parents to give time and talent to the annual Auction, FSA's most important fundraising event. And, of course, parents are involved in the classroom—from attending goal-setting conferences to participating in class activities, driving for field trips and helping on work days, among myriad opportunities for parent involvement.

Active parent participation is essential to the vitality of the entire FSA community. When a parent or guardian signs one or more enrollment contracts for their student(s), they agree to meet a mandatory service commitment of 20 hours per family. The requirement is only for 20 hours, regardless of how many siblings are attending. Also, the efforts of anyone representing the family, such as a grandparent, aunt, uncle or friend, may be substituted or used to supplement hours for the family’s volunteer requirement. Using Sign Up Genius and the school's weekly newsletter, parents are kept informed of all the ways they can participate, contribute and be actively involved in school life.

Here is an online form where you may log your service hours. Families are self-selecting; just enter the student's name when you complete the log.

If you are clerking a committee or otherwise heading up an effort, please contact Nancy Bent for a list of families who have signed up for related jobs. If you have signed up to work on a specific task, you will be contacted at the time your service is most needed. Also, please watch the Late Quaking News for other volunteer opportunities. Thanks!

We appreciate all the incredible help we receive each year from members of the FSA community!

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