Our mission is to provide challenging academics in a diverse environment, drawing on the Quaker values of simplicity, peace, integrity, community, equality and stewardship to empower our students to go out into the world with conscience, conviction and compassion.


The Friends School of Atlanta is a mainstream educational environment that strives to deliver excellent academics to a diverse classroom community. In addition to economic, religious, racial, and cultural diversity, our classrooms contain students with a diversity of learning styles and abilities, including a limited number of students who require additional support for a range of mild learning disabilities as well as students who require additional academic challenge in order to learn at the optimal level of engagement. Students at FSA learn at different paces, have a variety of passions and gifts, and enjoy different aspects of the school day from hands-on science to dramatic performance to recess games to reading workshop to art workshop. This diverse learning environment has been successful in helping students develop individual potential in a nurturing, cooperative environment. FSA has a low teacher to student ratio and classroom teachers who understand how to differentiate instruction within a mainstream classroom setting.

As a small school, FSA has an excellent support staff, including a learning specialist and school counselor for each program, elementary and middle school, available to provide a small number of students with targeted educational or counseling intervention. Our school does not, however, have occupational therapists or other specialists who are trained to address a broad range of learning needs or particular disabilities and disorders.

We offer these descriptions of our programs to give you a taste of the FSA experience. Since it is difficult to capture the spirit, depth, energy and warmth of our school using words and pictures alone, we invite you to learn more about our school by scheduling a visit to our campus in Decatur.