FSA 2015 Summer Program

Summer Arts Program

Fiona Thompson, FSA's own amazing Art teacher, joins other talented teachers in offering the FSA summer arts program. All fees include art materials. Bring a packed snack and lunch. A limited amount of individual instruction is also offered.

All camps are $275 per week. Free before care 8:30–9am; free after care 3–4pm.

Summer Arts Camp 2015: Two groups, ages 5–9 and 10–16
June 8–12Ages 5–9Clay Prints
Ages 10–16Clay Patterned Tiles
June 15–19Ages 5–9Cartoon Pop-Up Books
Ages 10–16Drawing and Painting Techniques
June 22–26Ages 5–9Stop-Motion Animal Workshop
Ages 10–16Photography/Stop-Motion Film-Making
June 29–July 3Ages 5–9Tinker Lab: Machine Sculptures
Ages 10–16Tinker Lab: Clay Machines
July 6–10Ages 5–9Nature Draw Sketchbooks
Ages 10–16Drawing/Photography Project
July 13–17Ages 5–9Clay Faces
Ages 10–16Clay Forms
July 20–24Ages 5–9Plastic/Fiber Making
Ages 10–16Plastic/Mixed Media Sculpture
July 27–31Ages 5–9Clay Houses
Ages 10–16Clay Architecture Reliefs

Arts Camp Descriptions

June 8–12
Clay Prints: Learning how to experiment with clay by designing colorful imprinted patterned tiles
Clay Patterned Tiles: Introduction a variety of applied decorative techniques used on tiles around the world

June 15–19
Cartoon Pop- Up Books: Fun and creative cartoon storyboards made into pop-up books
Drawing and Painting Techniques: Instruction in all levels of drawing and painting using a variety of classical techniques

June 22–26
Stop Motion Film, Animal Workshop: Fun and simple beginner stop motion films using polymer "Claymation" animals
Photography/Stop Motion film making: Full immersion into the stop motion film process using a wide array of techniques

June 29–July 3
Tinker Lab: Machine Sculptures: Taking apart small objects and using their parts to make kinetic sculptures
Tinker Lab: Clay Machines: Making clay forms inspired by machine and including actual machine parts into the design

July 6–10
Nature Draw Sketchbooks: Observations of plants, flowers and insects using watercolors and inks
Drawing/Photography Project: Combining drawing and photography to create surreal and optical illusion compositions

July 13–17
Clay Faces: Modeling and sculpting self-portrait faces in clay
Clay Forms: Instruction in clay building techniques, modeling and sculpting

July 20–24
Plastic/Fiber making: Recycled Plastics and mixed fiber wall hangings
Plastic/Mixed Media Sculpture: Recycled Plastics and fiber sculpture

July 27–31
Clay Houses: Clay houses inspired by architecture from ancient civilizations
Clay Architecture Reliefs: Clay reliefs combining various architecture patterns and styles from ancient and modern eras

Please contact Fiona for questions on camp registration.

Digital Arts and Multimedia Design Camp

Russell Fair, FSA's new Director of Technology (effective July 1) and Computer Programming guru, is offering fun digital arts and multimedia design camps featured in this years' Friends Summer Arts Program. He is also the leading the maker space Innovation Lab project at FSA, introducing students to the exciting world of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math), where combined creativity based projects will stimulate new innovation in the minds of all students.

Camp is $275 per week. Free before care 8:30–9am; free after care 3–4pm.

Digital Arts and Multi Media Design Summer Camps: Ages 6–15
June 8–12Digital Arts
June 22–26Game Design
July 6–10Storytelling
July 20–24Music and Sound

Please note space is limited to 10 students in each camp. Please contact Fiona for questions on camp registration.

Camp Descriptions

Digital Arts students learn to use Scratch, interactive artwork, create animations, photograph filters, and other exciting, artist projects.

Game Design students learn basic video game coding concepts by making different types of games, including racing, platform, launching, and more!

Storytelling students use computer science to tell fun and interactive stories. Storytelling emphasizes creativity by encouraging camp members to tell a unique story each day.

Music and Sound students use the computer to play musical notes, create a music video, and build an interactive music display while learning how programming is used to create music.

Story-Making Camp

Camp is $275 per week. Free before care 8:30–9am; free after care 3–4pm.

Story-Making Camp is for children aged 5–9.

Camp dates are: June 29–July 3, July 6–10, July 20–24 and July 27–31.

Expand creativity through creative writing, dramatic activities, movement games, producing a performance, making music and constructing props and costumes.

Learn community-building skills such as respectful problem-solving and being accountable for following through for your community. The success of a story performance depends on everyone bringing and sharing their own special talents and interests.

Friends School values of simplicity, peace, integrity, community, equality and stewardship will be guiding our goals and investigations.

Taught by Sara Moylan! Bringing a wealth of experience in a creative movement and improvisational singing and drama, she presently teaches her passions at The Friends School of Atlanta. Previously, she has been a teacher of creative dramatics for the Georgia State University Saturday School for Scholars, as well as an artist-in-residence for a grant program to bring character education to Atlanta City Schools through the arts, and a music teacher for Global Village Project School for refugee girls in Decatur.

Contact Sara Moylan with questions.

Math Camp

Camp dates are: July 13–17 and July 20–24. Ages: rising 1st through rising 7th graders.

Camp is $275 per week. Drop-Off: 8:30 am; Pick-up: between 3:30 and 4 pm.

Our goal is to enhance a child's natural curiosity and genuine understanding of mathematics, reasoning and real-world problem solving. Math Camp is organized by retired Elementary Head, Karen Morris, and staffed by our own talented teachers, Celest Samas, Cate Hilenski, Kenny Rochester, and Jillian Beazer, plus a few student interns. Former elementary teacher, Mindy Allen, will return for the two weeks at the elementary level. We will use hands-on manipulatives, such as Cuisenaire Rods, base blocks, and Hands-On-Equations to explore numeration from addition to algebra in a developmentally appropriate sequence. We will spend some time on the computer with age-appropriate programs to further understanding and problem solving skills. Science activities and other projects will give students practical application experiences. For robotics, elementary students will cooperatively explore basic robotics learning how gears, wheels, pulleys, axles and other simple machines can work together to form a whole machine. Elementary campers will use and operate both mechanical and battery-powered machines during the week. Rising 5th through 7th graders will choose a task or goal, then design, build, and program a computer operated robot in cooperative groups to accomplish the task.

Camp Themes

July 13–17: Buggin' Out and Going Green
July 20–24: Amazing Animals

Middle School
July 13–17: Intriguing Inventions
July 20–24: The Space Place

Questions? Contact Karen Morris, math@friendsschoolatlanta.org.

Circus Camp

Circus Camp, the official Atlanta Camp Partner of the Big Apple Circus, is a day-camp experience for campers aged 5 to teens, introducing circus, performing, and visual arts in a safe and noncompetitive environment. The staff is complimented by a variety of professional circus and performing artists. Counselors are members of organizations such as World Clown Association, International Brotherhood of Magicians, and KIDabra Children's Entertainer Association. Other credits include Camp Winnarainbow, Cirque du Monde, the Big Apple Circus Clown Care Unit, and the Clyde Beatty-Cole Brothers Circus.

Circus Camp provides campers with the opportunity to learn something new and exciting every day, while developing their unique skills. Your child becomes a "Circus Star" with a Circus Performance each Friday.

Activities Include
Trapeze & Triple TrapezePuppetryMusic
Spanish WebClowning & MimeJuggling & Magic
Theatre SkillsFace PaintingArts & Crafts
Tie-dyeAcrobatics & Hand BalancingStorytelling
Tightwire WalkingUnicycleand much more!

For more information or to register, call Circus Camp at 404-370-0001 or visit www.circuscamp.org. Circus Camp dates at our location are: June 8–12, June 15–19, June 22–26, July 6–10, July 13–17, July 20–24, and July 27–31.