Apogee State Tax Credit Scholarship Fund

In support of socioeconomic diversity at The Friends School of Atlanta, we are in our seventh year of participation in Georgia's independent school tax credit scholarship program. FSA is working with the Apogee Scholarship Fund, a Georgia registered Student Scholarship Organization that administers the HB 1133 tax credit program. This program offers a unique opportunity for you or your company to redirect your tax dollars to provide tuition assistance for new FSA students coming from public schools or just entering pre-kindergarten, kindergarten or first grade.

Here's how it works: Individual filers can contribute up to $1,000, joint filers up to $2,500, and C Corps up to 75% of GA tax liability. Additionally, S Corps and/or partners in an LLC can contribute up to $10,000 each year. You will receive a dollar-for-dollar GA tax credit for the amount of your contribution. If you pay your taxes throughout the year, you can still participate. The tax credit is based on your total GA tax liability (6% of your state adjusted gross income) and not on what you may or may not still owe the State at the end of the year.

All you need to do to participate is:

  • Go to the forms page of the Apogee website
  • Fill out the forms online or print forms and mail them to Apogee.
  • Write a check to Apogee Scholarship Fund* (or pay via credit card on Apogee's website)

**If you choose to hold your check until you receive confirmation of approval, you will have 60 days from the DOR stamped approval date to send Apogee your payment. If sending your check in advance, Apogee will deposit your check only upon receipt of state approval.

The State sets aside $58 million for this program each year. For 2016, those funds are being claimed at a quicker rate than ever. For 2015, all tax credits were claimed by 5:00 am on January 1! So be sure to pre- apply online no later than December 15 in order to help bring more deserving students to FSA! Remember, the tax credit you receive will be for the income tax you owe to Georgia in 2016.

Thank you for your generosity and consideration of this program. We hope you will choose to redirect your state taxes to The Friends School of Atlanta in addition to supporting the Annual Appeal. Full participation in FSA's Annual Appeal remains essential for the school's fiscal health and a thriving educational program. Contributions to Apogee will not qualify as Annual Appeal donations, nor can they be used to fulfill a pledge.

If you should have any questions, please visit the Apogee website or contact Apogees Executive Director John Panessa at 404-419-7123. Or contact Nancy Bent, Director of Advancement, at 404-373-8746 x8135 or nancy.bent@friendsschoolatlanta.org.

More Information

If you would like to support The Friends School in its mission, please contact:

Nancy Bent
Director of Advancement
The Friends School of Atlanta
862 Columbia Drive
Decatur, GA 30030
404-373-8746 x8135

Checks should be made payable to The Friends School of Atlanta and mailed to:

Waman French
Head of School
The Friends School of Atlanta
862 Columbia Drive
Decatur, GA 30030
404-373-8746 x8136

All donations are tax deductible as allowed by law. Thank you for your support!