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The Friends School of Atlanta (FSA) has a rich and inspiring history that is intertwined with the Quaker community's dedication to social justice and equality. Founded in 1991, it emerged as a progressive and inclusive educational institution deeply rooted in Quaker values and principles.

The Quaker community played a significant role in the Civil Rights Movement and was instrumental in desegregating public schools in Atlanta during the 1960s. Members of the Atlanta Friends Meeting held one of the city’s very first integrated classes, bringing together white and black children for an art class in which two of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s children also participated. Thus, when political and public support for integration waned and schools began to resegregate in the South, it became difficult to sustain successful desegregation initiatives. Disappointed by the turn of events, a committee formed at the Atlanta Friends Meeting to explore the possibility of opening a Friends school in Atlanta that could also serve as a model for diversity. 

When The Friends School of Atlanta was established, it carried forward the Quaker tradition of fostering an inclusive learning environment where diversity was celebrated and cherished. The school's commitment to equity and justice is evident in its admission policies, curriculum development, and community outreach. And, the school's commitment to holistic education and its unique approach to teaching and learning continue to attract a growing number of families who share its values.

Throughout its history, FSA has embraced a progressive and child-centered approach to education. Its curriculum emphasizes hands-on learning, critical thinking, and the development of strong moral values. The school encourages students to be active participants in their education, promoting their natural curiosity and helping them discover their unique passions and talents. And, through embracing diversity and inclusion, the school aims to cultivate global citizens who appreciate different perspectives and work towards creating a more equitable and just world.

Over the years, The Friends School of Atlanta has grown and thrived, constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of its students and community. It has earned a reputation for providing an exceptional education that balances academic excellence with social and emotional development.

Under the visionary leadership of the founding head of school, Waman French, and now continuing with the dedicated guidance of our current head of school, Dorothy 'Dot' Lopez, The Friends School of Atlanta remains committed to fostering an environment where every student can thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.