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The Friends School of Atlanta offers an exceptional academic program with differentiated instruction every step of the way. Joyful learners come together in small, diverse classes where they gain the confidence to become their best selves as students and engaged citizens. 

We offer an education that is relevant to the challenges and opportunities of today. We offer a comprehensive academic program that emphasizes small classes and differentiated instruction. We not only focus on the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic, but also on such areas as computer coding, design thinking, environmental science and world studies to give the students the skills and knowledge they need for future success as students and citizens in a rapidly changing world. We also continue to deepen our commitment to engage the students in the work of eliminating institutional racism and white supremacy. 

We provide differentiated, developmentally-based instruction. We maintain a low student-teacher ratio (schoolwide average of 6:1) in order for teachers to truly know each student, including their interests, special talents, learning style and any areas of struggle, so that they can deliver the curriculum in ways that provide each student with both academic success and challenge. Learning specialists are available to further help students succeed. Our teachers are also trained in Quaker pedagogy, Responsive Classroom, Orton Gillingham techniques for teaching language arts, Social Emotional Ethical Learning, and a wide range of professional development opportunities that enhance their ability to help children reach their full capacity to learn, to grow into their individual goodness and to contribute their talents to make the world a better place.

We supplement our core curriculum with a wide array of co-curricular activities such as art, Innovation Lab, library, Spanish, Latin, music and movement, creative dramatics, environmental science, gardening, health, yoga, textiles, dance, and physical education. 

The school also offers a rich selection of after-school club opportunities and competitive sports teams such as basketball, ultimate frisbee, track, and volleyball. We also offer two 30 minute recesses for Elementary School students and one 30 minute recess for Middle School students. 

We maintain a diverse student body and school community. We believe that when children go to school with other children who are not just like them, their life experiences are enriched and they are better prepared to thrive in a highly diverse world. The school’s dedication to diversity also extends to a diverse faculty and staff as well as diversity among the school’s trustees and parent leadership.


We incorporate the Quaker values of Simplicity, Peace, Integrity, Community, Equality and Stewardship (SPICES) into all aspects of the life of the school. These values, modeled by adults and children alike, help guide the building of a beloved school community dedicated to achieving a just and peaceful society. 


We use silence and reflection to reinforce learning and to help students find and use their own voice for good in the world. While Quakers do not proselytize and FSA does not provide religious instruction, we do incorporate the Quaker practice of sitting in silence and listening within, providing the students a unique and valuable skill to help them center themselves, be present to others and embrace their own truth. We gather as a whole school for Silent Meeting on Friday mornings, and we practice quiet reflection in myriad ways throughout the school day.


We send our graduates on to great success in high school, college, post-graduate study and careers. Our alums are FSA’s greatest ambassadors. They either move on to highly selective independent schools, charter schools or their neighborhood public schools. They are well prepared for the challenge of a higher level of education. High school teachers often remark on how consistently Friends School kids stand out in their ability to advocate for their own learning and the self-confidence and leadership skills they bring to their new school communities. Our alums have attended a wide range of colleges and universities as well, including Princeton, Stanford, University of Chicago, Harvard, University of Georgia, University of Michigan, Guilford College, Spelman College, Morehouse College and Elon College, among many others. Our oldest alums are now contributing to society as teachers, physicians, attorneys, social workers, journalists, therapists and activists, among many other pursuits.

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Little Friends (Grades PreK3- Kindergarten) 

Elementary School (Grades 1 - 4)

Middle School (Grades 5 - 8)